2017 Spartan By-Laws

Updated Monday June 12, 2017 by Jr Spartans.

Plumas Lake Jr. Spartans

Youth Football and



2454 Nicolaus Ave.

Trowbridge, CA 95659





(Revised Oct 10th 2016)


Constitution and Bylaws

Table of Contents


Article I                 Name                            3


Article II                Statement of Affiliation                3


Article III                Site of Principal Operation            3


Article IV                Objective                        3


Article V                Members                        3


Article VI                General Association Committee            4


Article VII                Voting Rights                    5


Article VIII                Powers                        5


Article IX                Nominations, Resignation, and Termination    5


Article X                Meetings, Quorum, and Confidentiality    6


Article XI                Amendments                    7


Article XII                Government                        7


Article XIII                Responsibilities                    8


Article XIV                Youth Eligibility                    11               

Article XV                Coaching and Coaches Code of Conduct    12


Article XVI                Term of Office                    17


Article XVII                Order of Business                    17




Article I – Name


The name of this Association shall be Plumas Lake Jr. Spartans Youth Football and Cheerleading.


ARTICLE II – State of Affiliation


Plumas Lake Jr. Spartans Youth Football and Cheerleading (hereinafter referred to as “PLYFC”) shall be affiliated with American Youth Football, Inc., (hereinafter referred to as “AYF”) and shall be governed by and comply with the principles, rules and regulations enunciated and decreed by AYF and the highest local authority, Independent Sports Alliance of California (hereinafter referred to as “ISAC”) as chartered by AYF in which PLYFC maintains membership.


ARTICLE III - Site of Principal Operation


The principal operation of PLYFC shall be located in the Town of Trowbridge, County of Sutter, State of California; buy may extend into such areas as are permitted by the rules and regulations of AYF, and said ISAC in which PLYFC maintains membership. The mailing address for the organization shall be PO Box 156 Olivehurst, Ca 95951


ARTICLE IV - Objective


The mission of PLYFC shall be to develop and operate a football/cheerleading program in affiliation with AYF, in conformity with and pursuant to the principles, rules and regulations enunciated by said AYF. In conjunction with such purposes, the objective of this Association, through the medium of a supervised competitive football and cheerleading program, guided and governed by said AYF., and ISAC, is to seek to implant in the youth of Jr. Spartans (regardless of gender, race, creed, religion, or national origin) the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, scholarship, and reverence, so that they may be finer, stronger and happier youth who will grow to be good, healthy adults.


ARTICLE V – Members


PLYFC shall have no members. No person now or hereafter designated by PLYFC as a "member" for any purpose shall be or shall be deemed to be a member of PLYFC for purposes of the Articles of Organization, as amended from time to time or the Amended & Restated Bylaws of PLYFC, as amended from time to time, rule or regulation to be taken by members shall be taken by action or vote of the same percentage of the or GAC of PLYFC.


NO board member, volunteer, coaching staff, or parents of children within the organization can benefit from any profit of fundraisers on behalf of our organization. (Commissions, credit for multi-level direct selling companies etc.)

All fundraisers held must use a representative that is not affiliated with our program.


ARTICLE VI – General Association Committee


The General Association Committee (hereinafter referred to as board) of PLYFC.


Section 1 -: The GAC of PLYFC will be comprised of thirteen  (13) members (in presiding order) as follows:


Vice President




Communications Coordinator

            Football Commissioner

    Cheer Commissioner

    Equipment Manager

    Spirit Wear Coordinator

    Volunteer Coordinator

    Concessions Manager

    Fundraising coordinator


Authority. The  GAC shall administer a final and binding decision pertaining to issues with regard to Association policy, which are consistent with and not contrary to the rules and regulations of AYF, and in conjunction with ISAC to which PLYFC is a member. This will include but is not limited to all aspects of the administration of the Association and the suspension or dismissal of participants and/or parents. The GAC shall make all rules and regulations which it deems necessary and proper for the conduct of corporate affairs and the management of the Association's property consistent with the mission and purposes of the Association. The entire GAC shall administer a final and binding decision pertaining to issues with regard to the hiring and firing of coaches.


Additional positions may be created as deemed necessary by the  GAC.


The need to fill any Board position will be determined by the  GAC, annually, or as a vacancy arises, and any appointments made will be made at the GAC’s  sole discretion.


ARTICLE VII – Voting Rights


Voting Rights: The GAC shall have one (1) vote per item as it pertains to the management of the program. The President shall only have a vote in the event of a tie.  The Board shall have the sole discretion as to whether or not a matter is voted on.




The GAC shall have the following powers in addition to the powers expressly or implicitly conferred on-it by law:


Section 1 - Rules: The GAC has right To make and enforce rules and regulations and  govern itself on a local basis, which are consistent with and not contrary to any rules and regulations promulgated by said AYF to which PLYFC maintains membership. ·


Section 2 - Money: To solicit contributions, secure sponsorships, and raise funds.


Section 3 - Contracts: To enter into contractual agreements as deemed necessary to sustain operations, such as, but not limited to, transportation, equipment purchases, medical services/supplies, and field access.


Section 4 - Verification: To conduct background checks on any/ALL volunteers when deemed necessary.


Any individual, who has been convicted of a felony, within the past ten (10) years, is strictly forbidden from holding any coaching position or position on the Board


ARTICLE IX – Nominations, Resignation, and Terminations


Nominations for the following year, as it pertains to the GAC, must be submitted to the GAC via a parent petition containing twenty (20) signatures by November 15 of the current football/cheerleading season. The GAC will serve as the Election Committee.  Elections for contested positions will be held at the annual meeting to be held on the first Saturday following the end of year awards ceremony, or at a special meeting in lieu of an annual meeting of the GAC. Vacant Board positions may be filled by the league President at any time, with the majority approval of the remaining GAC. Incumbents on the GAC are not required to submit nomination papers.

Resignation and Termination: Any member of the GAC may resign by delivering his or her written resignation to the Association at its principal office or to the President, Vice President, Secretary/Clerk, or Treasurer. Such resignation shall be effective Immediately  after its receipt unless it is specified to be effective at some other time or upon the happening of some other event. Any Board member can be voted out with a ⅔ vote of no confidence, meaning said board member is not adhering to their job descriptions, are breaking code of conduct or any behaviors that are detrimental to the success of the Jr. Spartans program.


Any member of the GAC who fails to attend three (3) meetings of the GAC in any one year without a satisfactory excuse shall be deemed to have submitted his or her resignation from the GAC as determined by majority vote of the other members of the Board of Directors.


ARTICLE X – Meetings, Quorum, Confidentiality


Meetings: Ten (10) regular meetings of the GAC shall be held, March through December, one such meeting to be held each month, subject to exception for good cause, without call or notice at such places and at such times as the  GAC may from time to time determine, provided that any member of the GAC who is absent when such determination is made shall be given notice of the determination.


Special meetings of the GAC may be held upon the oral or written call by the President, or two or more board members, in writing or by call, designating the date, hour and place thereof.


Notice of Special Meetings: Notice of the date, hour, and place of all special meetings of the GAC shall be given to each member of the GAC by the President or, in case of the death, absence, incapacity, or refusal of such person, other members of the Executive Board calling the meeting. Notice shall be given to each member of the GAC either in person, or by telephone, e mail, fax, at least twenty-four hours in advance of the meeting. Notice need not be given to a member of the GAC if a written waiver of notice is executed by such GAC member before or after a meeting and is filed with the records of the meeting, or to any member of the GAC who attends the meeting without protesting prior thereto or at its commencement of the lack of notice to such member of the GAC. A notice or waiver of notice of a meeting of the GAC need not specify the purposes of the meeting.


Quorum: A Quorum of at least fifty-one percent (51%) of the voting board must be present to pass an item. At any meeting of the GAC, a majority of the then individuals in office shall constitute a quorum. Less than a quorum may adjourn any meeting from time to time and the meeting may be held as adjourned without further notice. One or more members of the GAC may participate in a meeting by means of a conference telephone or similar communications equipment by means of which all persons participating in the meeting can communicate with each other at the same time. Participation in a meeting pursuant to the foregoing sentence shall constitute presence in person at such meeting. Members of the GAC not able to attend a meeting may vote by written proxy through the President. Written proxy via electronic mail shall be a sufficient form of proxy.


Action at Meeting: At any meeting of the GAC at which a quorum is present, a majority of those present may take any action on behalf of the GAC except to the extent that a larger number is required by law, the Restated Articles of Organization, as amended, or these Amended and Restated Bylaws.


Action Without Meeting: Any action by the GAC may be taken without a meeting if a written consent thereto is signed by all of the members of the GAC then in office and filed with the records of the meetings of the GAC. Such consent shall be treated as a vote of the Board for all purposes.


Meeting Format: All meetings of the GAC are to be governed by Roberts Rules of Order. Issues may be subjected to a time limitation. Anyone wishing to be heard at the meeting needs to notify the President, in writing, one week prior to the meeting to be placed on the official agenda.


Confidentiality: Each member of the GAC shall hold all matters discussed by the GAC and any committees in strict confidence, in accordance with guidelines set by the GAC. The GAC shall establish guidelines for confidentiality which are in compliance with all applicable standards, statutes and regulations.


ARTICLE XI – Amendments


Amendments: For an amendment to these By-Laws to be adopted a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the GAC is mandated. All amendments to By-Laws are effective immediately upon successful passage, unless otherwise designated. Any obvious mistakes or scriveners errors in the By-Laws may be corrected by 2/3 of the then present voting members at any time.


ARTICLE XII – Government


PLYFC will abide by all rules and regulations of ISAC which it is a member under the guidelines set forth by the official rules of AYF.


To deal effectively with all program communications, PLYFC will use the following as a guide for all communications within the organization.




                               Head Coach - Football      Head Coach Cheerleading


Assistant Coach – Football    Assistant Coach Cheerleading




Participants and their parents will be encouraged to direct concerns to the coaches on their team first, then the Director before approaching the GAC. However, at no time will parents or participants be denied access to the GAC.


Section 1 – Complaints: A complaint or request for actions submitted to the GAC will not be acted upon until the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting unless the GAC determines that the matter needs immediate action. No complaint or request shall be acted upon unless all details are given in writing and signed by the party(ies) requesting action. The party(ies) requesting the action will receive a response within fourteen (14) days of said meeting, with the stipulation that all the above requirements have been met.


Section 2- Formal Hearings: In the event that the GAC determines that a matter need a formal hearing, the formal hearing will include all members of the GAC. Written notice of a formal hearing must be delivered to each party. The notice must include the date, place and time of the hearing and a list of specific charges. It must also advise the parties of their right to be represented at the hearing by counsel of their choice. At least seven (7) days must pass between the date the charged party(s) written notice is sent, and the hearing itself Charged parties shall have the right to introduce witnesses and/or bring documents to support a defense, cross examine witnesses and inspect any items introduced as evidence at the time it is presented. Formal hearings may be audio recorded with the Approval of the GAC. After the hearing, a written statement and decision must be delivered to each party within fourteen (14}'days of the hearing. Said statement must include any penalties imposed. The Secretary shall record the minutes of the meeting, and shall audio

Record the meeting, at the discretion of the GAC. In the event that a formal hearing is mandated for an act of a member of the GAC, notification must be sent to the President of the ISAC in which PLYFC maintains membership.


ARTICLE XIII – Responsibilities


Section 1 – President: It shall be the duty of the President to attend all ISAC meetings or send a representative, and to preside at all meetings of PLYFC which are pre-scheduled at the start of the season by the sitting board.  He/she shall also be responsible for the overall administration of the Association and will act as spokesperson concerning any internal/external problems/conflicts. He/she may also be responsible for soliciting donations for the program. He/she will make contact with necessary contacts such as EMT and Refs.  


Section 2 - Vice President: It shall be the duty of the Vice President to assist the President with his/her duties. In the absence or disability of the President, the  Vice President shall perform all of the duties of the President.  The Vice Presidents job is  to act as President in training in years of anticipated transition. He/she may also be responsible for soliciting donations for the program.


Section 3 - Treasurer:

Report in writing, on a monthly basis, to the GAC on the financial position of the organization.  

Responsible for signing checks and paying invoices and bills for the organization.

Receive and deposit all monies; for example: funds generated during practices, on game days, receipt reimbursements.

Oversee any incoming fundraising funds and keep track of what team turned in what (cheer).

Budget for the season as well as including long-range funding projects as well as yearly capital and expense planning.

Collect and maintain all data on expenses and income for the organization.

Assist others with maintaining inventory, sales, and revenue data for all organization operations.

Communicate with various board members to prepare annual operating budget.

File yearly taxes (if applicable).

Oversee insurance policies, memberships, PO Box fees and all other yearly fees and subscriptions.

He/she may also be responsible for soliciting donations for the program.


Section 4 - Secretary:

Establish a meeting schedule with the sitting Board for the season.

Secure meeting place.

Provide secretarial support to the committee, including preparing agendas in consultation with the president.

Prepare minutes of all meetings of the board; distribute and file them appropriately.

Maintain an accurate copy of the Rules and By-Laws of the organization.  

Assure that all board members, coaches, team moms and any other individuals fulfill any required certification.  Board members, coaches and team moms are required to complete a background check.  Football coaches are required to also have Heads Up certification completed.

Receive all correspondence directed to the league, inform, follow up, and distribute to appropriate members.

Ensure all licenses required by the organization is current.

Contact and communicate with fellow leagues prior to away games; request invites and forward to appropriate board member.  

Responsible for filing and maintaining injury reports.

Coordinate or confirm any necessary contracts needed (portable bathrooms, garbage bins, EMT, referees, etc.) for the organization.  

He/she may also be responsible for soliciting donations for the program.


Section 5 - Registrar:

Recommend timeline for veteran registration sign ups, open sign ups, late period, and cut-off.

Recommend pricing timeline for sign ups.

Promote and publicize registration sign ups including skills camp registrations via veteran email blasts, school flyers, and or Facebook posts.

Create and collect necessary paperwork involving camp registration (waivers).

Communicate and answer any questions people may have related to registration.

Communicate with president of organization any changes in registration guidelines and communicate these things with registrants or anyone inquiring.

Manage registration through website.

Input and create any in-person registration accounts.

Communicate with football commissioner and head coaches to assess and place any older / lighters appropriately.

Communicate with cheer commissioner and head coaches to assess and place cheerleaders in overlapping levels appropriately.  

Organize and be available for dates for collection of all necessary paperwork for certification binders.

Organize football and cheer certification binders as per ISAC, etc. requirements and instructions.

Communicate with spirit coordinator for various things like ordering camp shirts, socks, and obtaining sizes from coaching staff.  

Required to attend pre-certification with president of organization.

Organize storing solution for previous years’ certification binders.  


Section 6 - Communications Coordinator:

Communicate and coordinate with board members to oversee media related activities of organization.

Maintain organization website (creating articles, updating game schedules, updating links) and any other social media sites utilized by league.  

Recommend, plan and organize picture day.

Communicate all necessary communications needing to be sent out.  Includes but not limited to: communications with registrants and or coaches / team moms outside of registration; reminders about fittings / equipment check out; game reminders.  Communicate information for all events.  

Assist league secretary in responding to emails received by the league.  

Forward correspondence to appropriate board members; for example: registration questions to registrar, equipment issues to equipment manager, etc.

Send out game invites to other leagues.


Section 7 - Football Commissioner:  

Coordination and operation of all football activities.

Interviewing & nominating football coaches for GAC consideration.

Overseeing the conduct of the league's football coaches and administer disciplinary action when necessary.

Ensuring coach registration/participation in required coaching clinics.

Assist in the coordinating the collection of all required participant paperwork.

Collaborating with other ISAC football directors to schedule & coordinate scrimmages for approval by the president.

Working with other GAC members to schedule & coordinate equipment handout & equipment collection dates.

Attend pre-certification with president and registrar.  

Provides oversight of all skills camp.

Attending all home games to coordinate field set-up & breakdown.

Attending all home games to serve as the league's team liaison to meet and greet opponents.

Attend all home games to ensure that all game day rules are followed such as MPR and mercy rules when applicable.

During the start of season practice ensure that all the requirements of participant conditioning are met.

Ensuring all non-badged adults remain off of practice field and game fields.

Working with head coaches to ensure continuity across all levels.  

Be the first contact for any parent complaints regarding coaching staff; support coaches with player and parent issues.  

Provides play book for all levels.  

Communicate with registrar and head coaches to assess and place any older / lighters appropriately.

In accordance with PLYFC bylaws, the PLYFC Football Director cannot simultaneously hold the football coordinator's position AND serve as a Head football coach.

If the football coordinator participates as an assistant coach then it is understood that the priority must be too sure the responsibilities of football director are maintained and met over assistant coaching.

He/she may also be responsible for soliciting donations for the program. The football coordinator shall be present at all home games.


Section 8: Cheerleading Commissioner

Oversee the entire cheer program.

Recommend coaches.

Communicate with registrar and head coaches to place cheerleaders on appropriate squads.

Attend pre-certification for cheer with president and registrar.  

Budget cheer needs and recommend to GAC.

Construct and Distribute cheer program calendar (define optional competitions post-season).

Work with head coaches to secure separate venue for post-season practices (if necessary)

Coordinate and order gear; for example: uniform, shoes, etc.

Coordinate cheer fittings.

Coordinate cheer camp.

Cheer coordinator cannot be a head coach.

Overseeing coaches and cheerleaders throughout the season.

Address all coaching and parent complaints or issues that revolve around cheer.  

Working with head coaches to ensure continuity across all levels.

The commissioner should be the first contact for any parent complaints regarding coaching staff; support coaches with player and parent issues.

Should be present at all home games for each level.

Liaison for the league with the other cheer programs.

Must be at all practices.

Should have a background in cheer, with experience. Someone who understands cheerleading, stunting and basic tumbling is preferred.


Section 9 -Equipment Manager:

Inventory gear and equipment.

Facilitate and coordinate, with gear / brand representatives, coaches and other board members, initial equipment sizing pre-season.

Create and organize fitting templates; input multiple levels on one master file.

Create and collect equipment issue forms.

Manage equipment issue day: including but not limited to: ensure adequate quantities are available reflecting number of registrants prior to equipment issue day; ensure that all registrants have appropriately sized gear.

Work with football and cheer commissioner to recommend to GAC what equipment is needed.

Manage, order, distribute, and return equipment throughout season.

Maintain gear and equipment to ensure it is well kept and ready for issue.

Keep conex organized.

Keep first aid kits replenished.  Work with head coaches or team parents to determine what is needed for kits.

Delivery and return of equipment and gear to conex at practices nightly.

Unlocking of bathroom / conex during practices and game days.

Coordinate gear recertification (if necessary).

Manage equipment return day: including but not limited to: cross checking with equipment issue forms; track unreturned items and report to GAC so that invoices can be sent; dispose of and document any equipment deemed not reusable and needing to be replaced (pants, helmet pads, chin straps especially), organize and store equipment properly.

Advise on spacing availability in conex.  

This role will ideally be served by an individual who drives or has access to a pick-up truck or SUV.


Section 10 - Spirit Coordinator:

Make contact with suppliers.

Order and design camp shirts, coaches’ shirts, etc.  

Prepare order and budget for beginning of season.

Find new items to sell at booth; find new design images for shirts and hats.

Place and have ready first merchandise order before first practice.

Create booth set up and tables.

Take jerseys to supplier to have last names added.

Set up, take down and be available to work spirit booth for at least once a week during practices.

Set up, take down and be available to operate spirit booth at all home games.

Make available, manage, and coordinate volunteers or other board members to sell spirit booth merchandise at events such as in-person sign ups, skills camp, special events (Labor Day Parade, etc).  

Continue to place orders for merchandise throughout the season (if necessary).

Keep merchandise organized, maintain inventory.  


Section 11 - Volunteer Coordinator:

Oversee organization’s volunteer needs and activities.

Manages the assignments of volunteers to identified needs.  Work with various board members to assess what volunteer positions are needed.

Recommend to board deposit / opt-out fee / incentive program.

Communicate with team parents and other board members frequently so that parents can refer to someone easily.

Coordinate with team parents to recruit volunteers.   

Actively promoting and publicizing volunteer needs.

Set up, take down and be available to work a volunteer sign up booth at least once a week for practices.

Set up, take down and be available to work a volunteer sign up booth at pre-season events such as fittings, skills camp.  

Promoting and publicizing volunteer appreciation through social media, or preparing something for game announcer on game days.  


Section 12 - Concession Manager:

Oversee snack bar operations and activities.

Develop budget for food service operations.  Maintain inventory of items purchased - supplies and food product.

Supervise the transportation, set up, clean up and operation of snack bar at all home games.

Budget and set pricing of items sold out of snack bar (games and practices).  

Set up, take down and be available to work concessions stand for skills camp(s).  

Set up, take down and be available to work concessions stand at a minimum of two days a week.  

Coordinate purchase of heat-prevention supplies needed for practices (ice and water).  

Ensure supplies and food products are shopped for.


Section 13 - Fundraising Coordinator:

Recommend fundraising plan to GAC for approval and begin rollout in the offseason.  For example: dine-in opportunities, pamphlet fundraisers, sponsorship recruitment.

Coordinate all approved fundraising programs from start to finish; includes but not limited to: acquiring order forms, distribution of order forms, coordinating with board members to schedule money turn-in dates, distribution of products.  

Actively promote through social media and coordinating with team parents to promote and encourage fundraising participation.  

Recommend sponsorship levels and incentives to GAC.  Responsible for helping to identify new donors and organizes initiatives to solicit funding.

May assist with writing / applying for grants.

Be familiar with or willing to learn about fundraising rules and procedures as set forth by by-laws.  

Actively promote sponsorship packages available to surrounding businesses.

Provide a monthly status report of fundraising progress to board.

All fundraising monies will be submitted to the treasurer in a timely manner to ensure security and accuracy.  


Section 14 - All Board Member Requirements:

All board members are required to be available for the duration of the entire day for all home games, from set-up time to close of day.  

All board members are required to help with day to day operations of the league that are not explicitly listed here.

All board members are required to attend board meetings as scheduled and approved by the sitting board.  Please see Article IX for resignations and terminations details.  


ARTICLE XVI – Youth Eligibility


All football players and cheerleaders, to be eligible to participate, must meet all requirements set forth by ISAC and AYF to which PLYFC maintains membership. All Players and Cheerleaders will be placed in the lowest level allowed by AYF rules, the only exception is when a participant is needed to be moved up to fill out a team, under no circumstances shall a parental request be granted unless a hardship can be proven as determined by the Executive Board. Prior to any player being eligible to start the season all league required forms must be submitted to PLYFC and all tuitions must be paid in full. Unexcused absences from practice or games may result in the player being excluded from participation of the game or competition that week. If any team moves on National competition, it shall be the responsibility of that team to raise all funds for that trip. A player who is removed from a game by a coach, EMT, or other qualified individual, due to a possible head injury, must remain out of play for a minimum of 2 weeks without first being cleared by a Doctor. Doctors "return to play" must be in writing.  It is recommended that the resume play form for this purpose. All accidents or injuries during games and practice must be reported immediately. In the event of an accident or injury an injury report or accident claim form will need to be filled out by the head coach and filed with the PLYFC President and Sadler insurance company. These forms are found on the HYFC website and the appropriate HYFC official should fill out the portion required to be filled out by the organization and the parent or guardian should fill out the remainder. A copy needs to be filed with PLYFC and it shall be the parents responsibility to move forward and open a claim up with the insurance company.


ARTICLE XV – Coaching and Coaches Code of Conduct


All coaches and coaching staff for football and cheerleading must be approved by the GAC and will abide by the following Coaches Code of Conduct as enunciated by AYF Inc. If any of these rules are broken, the board shall have the authority to impose a penalty, the most severe being the banishment of PLYFC from ISAC. All coaches by their appointment to coach are bound by the "Coaches Pledge," "Coaches Code” and “Standard of Conduct."


  1. PLYFC is required to perform Background Checks on all of their Coaches and any and all volunteers deemed to have repeated contact with the participants, each year. Conferences are required to obtain an Affidavit that all background checks have been completed from their member associations. Conferences must submit all collected Affidavits to the AYF National Office.

  2. All coaches must be approved by and serve at the pleasure of the Local Association.

  3. Coaching assignments are for one playing season only and are therefore automatically terminated at the close of each season. Coaches must re-apply for coaching positions annually. The close of the season will be determined by the local Association but must not extend past the "End of the Year Banquet/Awards  Ceremony”,

  4. All Coaching appointments and their appropriate contact info must be submitted to the National Office each year by August 31.

  5. Head coaches must be at least 21 years of age. The coaching staff will be under his/her direction and supervision.

  6. Assistant coaches must be at least 18 years of age and have graduated from high school or hold a GED certificate. They must have a general knowledge of the game of football.

  7. Coach Trainees must be a minimum of 16 years old and may only carry out the instructions of the Head or Assistant coaches.

  8. Head coaches are in complete charge of their players. They are responsible for their own actions or inactions, their assistants' actions or inactions and the actions of their players.

  9. Each team will present a Substance Abuse lecture to players and cheerleaders at all levels of play. The lecture will be presented during the first week of practice and will be repeated as many times as necessary to ensure all American Youth participants are aware of the harmful effects of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. The lecture must be given by a member of the coaching staff or an adult volunteer designated for that purpose. Some examples would be "just say no" or "DARE" programs. Also included with this talk should be topics like "Academics - Tolerance -Giving Back to the Community".

  10. Head coaches may be required to be certified through any available training program available to their Association/Conference. The Association/Conference may also make this a requirement of assistant coaches.



All administrators and volunteers are bound by the "Pledge," "Code" and "Standard of Conduct". COACHES   PLEDGE:

Each game and practice I participate in or administer over will provide me with an opportunity to be a Champion of Character. I pledge, as an AYF member to accept the five core character values of American Youth Football and will do my best to represent AYF, my Conference, my Association, my Team and myself by: respecting my opponent, the officials, my team, my administrators, coaches, myself and the game; taking responsibility for my

actions in all areas of my life; having the integrity to stand by my word; providing leadership where I serve others while striving to be a personal and team leader; and being an example of sportsmanship by holding myself to the highest standards of fair play.


Coaches can make a conscious choice to uphold the best of values. Individual players can make choices that will define them as athletes. American Youth Football believes in the following five core values.

  1. Leadership

  2. Integrity

  3. Respect

  4. Responsibility

  5. Sportsmanship




  1. I believe in the power of athletics as a program for the training of youth for a strong and efficient democracy.

  2. I believe in athletics for the building of good character and personality.

  3. I believe in athletics as a significant part of a sound educational program.

  4. I believe in athletics as a constructive force in the lives of millions of sports followers throughout our nation. Therefore, I will hold sportsmanship and fair play high above all other values to be gained through sports participation.

  5. I consider the privilege of guiding youth through participation in sports as a sacred trust.

  6. I will always keep the best interests of each participant as my aim. I shall never be guilty of enhancing my progress by the use of a participant's skill for my benefit.

  7. I will forever keep before the participants under my direction the high ideals, honesty, sincerity, and integrity which have made our nation great. I will not encourage, or tolerate, any form of trickery or evasion of rules in order to gain an advantage over an opponent.

  8. I will do all in my power to instill in those under my direction a tolerance for all races and creeds, and I will stand out against intolerance wherever it may occur.

  9. I will strive to instill in every youth great purposes and aims in living and will use the desire to play not as an end, but as a training ground for the participant’s highest development.

  10. I will strive to teach each participant's to be humble in victory and ·gracious in defeat, to be above bragging or using alibis, and shall help develop inner strength and poise.

  11. I will use only fair and honest means in my desire for personal achievement and shall count the goodwill of my peers far above any achievement unfairly gained.

  12. I will not sacrifice the values to be gained through a wholesome enjoyment of challenging sports activity for institutional pride or commercial ends.

  13. I will use only fair and honest means of securing talent for athletic teams and never stoop to trickery or insincere promises in influencing participants in the selection of their experience.

  14. I will use every means at my command to protect the moral, mental and physical health of the participant 's under my guidance and will never be party to the use of athletics for the financial or political gain of any office or group.

  15. I will encourage each participant to avail himself/herself of the best experience to be gained in a well-rounded education and to progress normally toward graduation. I will never encourage participation in athletics as an end in itself.

  16. I will help each participant under my guidance toward the development of honest habits of work and pride in work well done and shall not practice or allow evasion in any obligation surrounding the athletics program.

  17. I will shoulder my total responsibility as a leader through athletics and will not allow that responsibility to be transferred to any person or group outside the organization. I will not violate this sacred trust for financial support or political prestige.




All Administrators, Coaches, and Volunteers will abide by a Standard of Conduct, which includes the following provisions. If any of these provisions are violated, the Association I Conference shall have the authority to impose any penalty they see fit. If any of these provisions are violated during a Regional or National event, the National Office at its sole discretion shall have the authority to impose any penalty it sees fit with no right to appeal. Administrators, Coaches, and Volunteers, having already accepted and agreed to abide by the Coach and Administrators Pledge and the Coach and Administrators Code, by their accepting and active participation in membership, shall follow the intent of the Pledge and Code and shall inclusively and/or additionally agree to:


  1. Not smoke and/or use smokeless tobacco on the field or in front of participants at any time.

  2. Abstain from the possession and drinking of alcoholic beverages and the possession or use of any illegal substance on the field or in front of participants at any time.

  3. Accept decisions of the game officials and judges on the field and in competitions as being fair and called to the best of their ability.

  4. Not criticize an opposing team or anyone affiliated with Jr. Spartans Org,  its players, spirit participants, coaches, or fans by word of mouth or by gesture.

  5. Together with team officials, be jointly responsible for the conduct and control of team fans and spectators. Any parent, guardian, or fan that becomes a nuisance and out of control must be asked to leave.

  6. Not use abusive or profane language at any time.

  7. Not encourage their team to intentionally run up the score on an opponent. In the event of a commanding lead every effort shall be made to let all players play.

  8. Not permit or encourage, "extreme dieting", or "sweating down" tactics of any kind for any reason. Must report any instance witnessed or suspected to the parent/guardian and local administrator.

  9. Not recommend or distribute any medication, controlled or over the counter

  10. Not deliberately incite unsportsmanlike conduct.

  11. Not criticize/berate participants ever, to provide constructive criticism, in private, or in the presence of team/squad members if others might benefit.

  12. Remove from a game or practice any participant when his/her health is in question, whether or not as a result of injury, until competent medical advice is available.

  13. A coach will follow the parameters of the Anti-Substance Abuse Rule and see that it's carried out faithfully and that all players understand its importance.

  14. A coach will not use ineligible players and will take the responsibility of having proper and legal documents on each and every player proving his eligibility at all times.

  15. Insure that all participants meet the minimum required number of plays under the Mandatory Play Rules and Regulations.

  16. Uphold all rules and regulations of Association, Conference, Region, and National AYF.

  17. A coach must discourage the wearing of Gang colors or any gang symbol and the use of any gang related forms of communication during any and all team related activities including but not limited to team practices.



  1. Coach/Administrators

The following are the minimum penalties to be enforced for violation of, but not limited to the following rules. Anyone found to have allowed a variance to this rulebook, the rules regulations and the spirit of the rules and regulations without filing and receiving written approval may be suspended.

Anyone found not enforcing this rulebook, the rules regulations and the spirit of the rules and regulations may be suspended.


A,l Cheating: Permanent suspension. (Roster/Participant Manipulation/Mandatory Play will be considered cheating) -Mandatory Play violation would be if player does not start in the 4th quarter.

First offense: suspension for two games and two weeks of practice

Second Offense: permanent suspension


A,2 Failure to keep faith with juveniles & parents: Defined as any deliberate practice of a coach, which placed the health, welfare and safety of juveniles in jeopardy, or exploits or treats them in such a manner that the juvenile becomes a "tool “of the team.

First offense: permanent suspension.


A,3 Badgering of game officials with threats and inciting fans to display poor sportsmanship:

First offense: suspension for two games and two weeks of practice.

Second offense: permanent suspension (If ejected from game - automatic permanent suspension).


A,4 Fighting of any kind:

Permanent Suspension and subject to criminal proceedings.


A, 5 Inciting a confrontation :( Verbal/Threatening/Use of Profanity; may include one or all)

First offense: suspension for two games and two weeks of practice. MAYNOT be present at field, during practices or game.

Permanent Suspension


A,6 Disrespect for coaches, participants, conference staff, game and team officials:

First offense: removal from the game/practice and parental/guardian conference and suspension for two games and two weeks of practice .

Second offense: Permanent Suspension


A,7 Failure to control parents or fans:

First offense: Warning of Suspension of Association; Head Coach is suspended for 2 games and two weeks of practice, if no effective action was taken by the Head Coach.

Second offense: Suspension of the Association from the Conference until the administration of the Association can submit evidence satisfactory to the Conference that the problem has been rectified; Head Coach Suspended for the remainder of the season, if no effective action was taken by the Head Coach.

Note: Both .Punishments maybe implemented at same event


A,8 Failure to control coaches from actions contrary to the health, safety and welfare of players.

This would include failing to enforce punishments implemented by the conference, failure to take corrective action including training, supervision, or removal of a coach who isn't able to comply with codes of conduct.

First offense: Probation for the entire Association for the remainder of the season.

Second offense: Suspension of the Association from the Conference until the administration of the Association can submit evidence satisfactory to the Conference that the problems have been rectified.


A,9 Teaching players dirty tactics:

First offense: Permanent suspension.


A,10 Falsifying birth or any other documents to make a participant eligible is grounds for forfeiture of all games in which they have participated;

Permanent suspension of the adult(s) responsible for the act


A,11 Playing ineligible players:

Suspension for rest of season. Conference will review status for next season.

Suspension may be appealed, if an appeal process exists, to the Conference depending on the nature of the ineligibility.


When ineligible players are found, all games of which the ineligible players have participated in are forfeited and will count in the league standings as such.

When ineligible players are found the Team is ineligible for post-season play of any kind regardless of the number of losses it has suffered for playing ineligible players.


A,12 Scouting rules:

Any videotaping allowed by your local Conference is prohibited from the field level end zone and from home side of the field, unless it is your home field or with permission from Home team. Scouting of any kind during a team's practice session is strictly prohibited.

First offense: 2 weeks from practices and the following two games for both the person involved and the head coach.

Second offense: suspension of the person involved and the head coach for remainder of season.


Note: AYF will allow scouting of teams during post-season play in the form of video and written reports as long as the minimum rules listed above are followed.


ARTICLE XVI - Term of Office

GAC positions automatically is terminated at the conclusion of the end of year awards ceremony. All other positions are terminated upon the conclusion of the end of year awards ceremony. Existing members of the Executive Board will retain their positions by default if there are no nominations for that position.


ARTICLE XVII – Order of Business


Call to Order - By Presiding Officer

Roll Call - By Secretary

Reading of Previous Minutes - By Secretary

Amend/Accept Minutes

Treasurer's Report

Auxiliary Board Member Reports

Old Business

New Business

Notification of Next Meeting - By Secretary