I've registered my child(ren), now what?

Turn in your certification documents at any time!

Updated Monday April 17, 2017 by Jr Spartans.

I've signed up my child, now what?  While we are still in the off-season, now is a good time to make sure that your account is up to date.  Everyone should log into your accounts and hit edit profile to double check contact information, your child's school information, etc.  Both new and returning families will also need to upload a new and current headshot of your child.  Please be sure that this is a clear photo of your child.

Access your 2017 registration documents on our site, (link here).  All forms are required of both football players and cheerleaders.  You will need to print these documents and may turn these in at any of our in-person sign ups, fittings, or during the first week of practice.  While most of these documents are print, read, and sign, please note the 2017 physical.  SYF requires this physical form to be utilized and the document must have BOTH physician signature AND office stamp.  

An IMPORTANT CHANGE to documents this year: See Page 4 of the 2017 SYF rulebook.  

Proof of Age

a. School enrollment form required for ages 12 and up, must include address and

Date of birth, on school letterhead or school stamped and signed.

b. 11yr old and under participants may use ORIGINAL or CERTIFIED COPY of birth

certificate, Military I.D Card, Passport, or school of enrollment form for proof

of age.  


YES!  You've read correctly, SYF is requesting ORIGINAL or CERTIFIED COPY of birth certificate, military I.D card, or passport ONLY.  If you are submitting one of these forms for proof of age, it will be returned to you after certification by SYF has been completed.  


Because of the Jr. Spartans move to a new league, we are required to obtain proof of age from EVERY player and cheerleader, regardless of new or returning status.  We apologize for the inconvenience to our returning players, but we must follow SYF's requirements to ensure that our players and cheerleaders will be certified appropriately.  With school still in session, it will be best to acquire these school enrollment forms soon! 


Fittings have been postponed from the previously scheduled April 22nd date.  An in-person registration opportunity will take place between 1:00 - 3:00 PM at the Walgreens - Plumas Lake location instead.  This will be the first opportunity to submit any documents as well as make any payments on your account.  Final and full registration fees are due May 1st, 2017. 


If you have any questions, hit the Contact Us button or shoot us a message on Facebook .