Jamba Juice

Fundraiser through July 22, 2017

Updated Saturday April 29, 2017 by Jr Spartans.

The Jr. Spartans are starting their first fundraiser for the season!  We have partnered up with Jamba Juice to offer BOGO (Buy One Get One) Jamba Juice cards.  

What is it?

The BOGO Jamba Juice card is a card that gives buyers six Buy one smoothie, get one free deals.  The card never expires and is accepted at all participating stores with the exception of Hawaii, Downtown Disney, Safeway, Vons, and Pavilions grocery locations, airports and select university locations.  These cards have no expiration date.

How much is it?

$10 will buy you a card.

Why should I buy one?  

Helping the Jr. Spartans in our fundraising ventures will help those Jr. Spartan football players and cheerleaders that you may have signed up yourself or know in the community!  We are hoping to raise funds to secure a positive future for the Jr. Spartans; this means purchasing additional training equipment; budgeting ahead for fees and expenses like recertification of helmets, replacement of provided practice gear, maintenance of the practice grounds and home field, etc.  We can't do it without you!  

As an organization entering its third season, we have made some big changes in the last two seasons and hope to continue that positive progression.  After our first season, we were able to purchase blocking and tackling dummies for football as well as tumbling mats and incline mats for cheer!  Fundraising in our second season provided us with the funds to initiate the purchase of lights for practices.  

Where do I buy one?

Jr. Spartans football players and cheerleaders are being asked to sell these BOGO cards.  Order forms will be distributed during fittings but are also found here on our website.  Money will be turned in, at the latest, on July 22nd and cards will be available for pick up from your seller on July 23rd.   




Jamba Juice Fundraiser Promotion and Order Form.pdf